Inexpensive Bathroom makeover

06.04.2014 Projects
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I realize this post isn’t a recipe but every so often I need a little change so I thought y’all might too.  I love to watch HGTV and see all the house transformations and what not, it gets me motivated to try new things.  Oh, and then there is pinterest, it’s my go-to place now […]

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Photo A Day Challenge

09.01.2012 Projects
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I had fun this past month with instagram by joining this photo a day challenge from Fatmumslim I ended up doing 22 photos and it was pretty fun. Join me for September’s photo a day challenge and see what fun photos you can take with her list. My photos are not in order so see […]

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DIY- Faux Nail Head Cork Board

05.30.2012 Projects
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I don’t have a new recipe for you today, but I’m excited to introduce you to a friend and new blogger in the crafty world, her name is Claudia and she is adorable and has an even more adorable baby and hubby. She is quite talented in many things but her favorite thing to do […]

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10 Min. Mum Planter for Indoors

10.05.2010 Projects
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I love fresh flowers especially inside.  In the Fall I can’t resist buying a fresh plant or 2 of mums but instead of planting outside I wanted to keep it indoors but look good too.  I didn’t want to replant it into something else so I got an idea,

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Personalized Gift Soap

07.24.2010 Projects

When I stayed with my good friend Aubrey for a week we  had lots of fun cooking and going to Sea World.  Aub is one of the girls on The Mother Huddle, she is the one who contributes to the kids crafts on The Mother Huddle.  The morning I left she got up with me […]

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July 4th Decor

07.03.2010 Projects
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I know no one is going to jump out and do this project before the 4th but I had to show what I made this week.  At church we ordered these vinyl letter sayings to put on tiles for July 4th.  I really wasn’t sure I wanted to do another tile since I have a […]

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Silver and Green Beaded Necklace & Bracelet

06.14.2010 Projects
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Silver beads and tubes go well with stone beads in shade of green. Take minutes to make something beautiful. Silver toggle clasp is pretty and surprising easy to use.  Tiger tail wire and crimp beads secured to the clasp using round nose pliers and then start  beading.  When finished adding the beads to the length […]

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Purple & Silver Beaded Bracelets

05.26.2010 Projects
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I’ve been having fun making these little bracelets.  They take just a few minutes and look so cute on too.  All you need is beads and stretchy cord.  Each bracelet is around 7 in. in length.  I don’t even have to measure since I’ve made few.  Something to keep your hands busy while watching TV.  Beads are everywhere so check your local […]

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Turquoise Bracelet and Earings

05.11.2010 Projects
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I don’t know about you but being the end of the school year I have a few gifts to give.   Why not give a homemade piece of jewelry as a special gift for graduating.  I like projects I can finish quickly otherwise it gets set on the back burner and I may not get to it. […]

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