No Sew Patriotic Bunting

by Suzanne on June 7, 2016

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No Sew Patriotic Bunting | you-made-that.comSometimes I get a little crafty so I thought I would share this idea with you to make your own “no sew” bunting. The particular bunting here can be displayed from Memorial day to The 4th of July. I love that it’s easy and has that homemade look. I’ve made four of these, all a little different, two of them I sewed and two I did not. I gave them as gifts to my daughter and she loved hers. I had all my supplies lying around in my craft closet but you may need to buy somethings if you do not have them. There’s really no right way or wrong way to do this project. I’m just sharing what worked  best for me. If you have a different or better way to do this project then by all means go for it, just get creative and have  fun.

No Sew Patriotic Bunting |

No Sew Patriotic Bunting

3 different fabrics
Heat Bond
Ruler or measuring tape

Step 1: Decide how long you would like your bunting to be by taking the twine and measuring the place it will hang. I simply tied a loop knot in one end of the twine and then measured by hanging it on one end of the mantle and pulling it across and then I made the cut.
Step 2: Choose your fabric, I used 3 different ones that I had on hand. Decide how long you want your triangles to be. Mine were 5 inches across the top, so what I did next was cut 5 inch strip of fabric for each kind of fabric.
Step 3: Now fold over the strip of fabric to measure 4 inch on one end and cut, but not on the crease, repeat so you have a few rectangles of fabric from each strip.
Step 4: Do the same thing with the heat bond so that your rectangles measures slightly less than your fabric rectangles. Now cut the heat bond rectangles in half because you are only going to need one of the halves to bond it to the fabric.
Step 5: Get the string that you cut and turn your iron on.
Step 6: Fold the rectangle in half with the string in the middle where the crease is. Slip the heat bond between the fabric with the paper side up. Run a medium hot iron over the fabric. Lift up the fabric and the heat bond will be bonded to one side, gently peel back the paper side of the heat bond.
Step 7: Put the two pieces together and run the iron over the fabric to seal or bond the two pieces together.
Step 8: Get ruler and find the middle of rectangle at the bottom end. Put your finger there and move the ruler diagonal to the corner and cut to make one side of the triangle then cut the other side of the triangle. Repeat these steps for all the rectangles to create the bunting.
Step 9: Tie ribbon at the ends where the loop knots are and hang up.

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No sew patriotic bunting |

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